Junior Friends of the Pomona Public Library Guidelines

Junior Friends of the Pomona Public Library Guidelines

Junior Friends is a youth volunteer group at the Pomona Public Library created so kids will become helpful and engaged members of their community.

In order to become a member, you must complete the application. You can acquire an application from the Children’s Reference Desk or at a Friend of the Pomona Public Library sale or event. Junior Friends who successfully complete a year of membership will receive a free t-shirt.

Meetings are held as announced in the Library Conference Room of the Pomona Public Library.

You are in charge of keeping track of your own volunteer hours. You may use hours from Junior Friends related services for other clubs, but you are responsible for completing their hour sheets. Friends Board Members will sign your completed volunteer time sheet.

You may be excused from meetings or an event you signed up for, if you have a legitimate excuse. Just make sure you let the president know by telling them in person, email, or leaving a phone message. You must state the activity you will be missing and your legitimate excuse.

To remain active in the club, you must complete the following:

  • At least three volunteer hours every 6 months
  • Two functions per year

Elections for Junior Friends Board are in July. The positions available are president, vice president, secretary, historian, two publicity chairpersons, and sergeant at arms. The year starts in September and ends in June.

Download Junior Friends of the Pomona Public Library Guidelines PDF

Leaders Wanted!


Loads of good work to do as a Friend of the Pomona Public Library(FOPPL). Fill out a Volunteer Application to become a board member for FOPPL and join today. We are looking for those who are ready, willing and able to fill the following roles:

  • Membership Chair
  • Historian
  • Community Liaison
  • Fundraising Chair

Please share widely. Thank you!

Board Member Application [PDF]


Volunteer Opportunities – click on Volunteer

49th Laura Ingalls Wilder Gingerbread Sociable

What fun everyone had!  The children were smiling, participating in the square dancing and crafts and during the very entertaining Cowboy Bob show.  Costume prizes were given and real gingerbread cookies, shaped and decorated gingerbread men.  Thanks so much for our volunteers who helped: Rebecca Ramos and her team, Leslie Albert who arranged the B & B Square Dancers from Rancho Cucamonga, Evelyn Perrine who found a baker who would make the decorated gingerbread cookie men, and to Beverly MacCallum, Marina Medina, Eunice Russell, who helped with Costume judging and refreshments and more.  Thanks too to the Library staff, Muriel Spill, Pat Lambert, and Crystal who do so much for the Library every day.  We had a good turnout and very happy children and parents.  Thank you everyone; enjoy the picture album.

Gwen Robinson, President, Friends of the Pomona Public Library.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Gingerbread Sociable 2015

Laura Ingalls Wilder Gingerbread Sociable 2015

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thN691EW1T     JANUARY – DECEMBER  2015

“ I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our culture, and our concerns for the future, can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.”                            Carl Sagan – American astronomer, astrophysicist

We invite you to newly join or renew your membership in our Friends of the Pomona Public Library family.  We value your support as we strive to Rescue Our Library.




Welcome to FOPPL Volunteer Team-Work Page

th2VLOH8UR      We are looking for workers who are passionate about the importance of the library to the community as a whole!  We are looking for people who have special skills to share or wish to learn special skills with us in pursuing our mission of Rescuing the Pomona Library.

We have seven  teams listed below with individual skill areas to choose from.  You may choose the amount of time you have to volunteer and whether you wish to work at the Library or from your home.  We will keep in touch with you by face to face meeting, email or phone.  We encourage you to attend at least one meeting a year at the Library.  The eighth Friends Board is also a volunteer choice if you interested in a position; we need you!

A Volunteer Application follows the Team Work page.  You may download the form, fill it out, and mail it to: Friends of the Pomona Public Library, P.O.Box 2271, Pomona, CA 91769   Attention: Volunteers.   If you have questions phone 909-802-9271 or email fo_ppl@yahoo.com.

Visit our web site:  www.friendspomonalibrary.org

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TEAM WORK  You may work several tasks or only one.  You may change tasks when requested.

Image (7)             Volunteer App