Volunteers are the heart and soul of an organization.  They have a passion for the cause and cheerfully find time to use their specific skills to make the mission easier for all.  Make friends, enjoy the company, take pride in the work and see the results!

Junior Friends of the Pomona Public Library

Junior Friends is a youth volunteer group at the Pomona Public Library created so kids will become helpful and engaged members of their community.

In order to become a member, you must complete the application. You can acquire an application from the Children’s Reference Desk or at a Friend of the Pomona Public Library sale or event. Junior Friends who successfully complete a year of membership will receive a free t-shirt.

Meetings are held as announced in the Library Conference Room of the Pomona Public Library.

You are in charge of keeping track of your own volunteer hours. You may use hours from Junior Friends related services for other clubs, but you are responsible for completing their hour sheets. Friends Board Members will sign your completed volunteer time sheet.

You may be excused from meetings or an event you signed up for, if you have a legitimate excuse. Just make sure you let FOPPL Board Member know by telling them in person, email, or leaving a phone message. You must state the activity you will be missing and your legitimate excuse.


  • Be ages 12 -18
  • At least three volunteer hours every 6 months
  • Two functions per year

Board Elections for Junior Friends Board are in July. The positions available are president, vice president, secretary, historian, two publicity chairpersons, and sergeant at arms. The year starts in September and ends in June.

Become a Friends of the Pomona Public Library Board Member! 

Openings for volunteers ages 25 years and up for a two year term. Directors are asked to supervise volunteers, help organize book sales, assist at FOPPL hosted events, and contribute on various tasks as needed.

Board meetings and communications may be conducted by text or email as needed and in person at least once a year.

To apply, please fill out our online application: https://forms.gle/wbRkM2YthKZaMHus9